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    Data Guard Starting Wrong Instance


      A few months back I did an upgrade to some of our Oracle databases.  During this process we moved to a new Oracle Home.  Since performing this upgrade, I have not been able to successfully execute a switchover/switchback using Data Guard.  Each time, Data Guard will successfully get the Database switched to the secondary site, but when it comes time for the old primary to start back up as secondary, in read-only/mount mode, Data Guard seems to start the OLD instances from the previous Oracle Home instead of the correct instance in the new home.  This causes Data Guard to hang as it doesn't know what to do with the old instance.  During the upgrade, I made sure to update the /etc/oratab file and the /etc/init.d/dbora files.  I also made sure the listener and tnsnames files were updated with correct Home information.  I can't find any other reason why this would be happening.  Has anyone else seen this before?