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    Exec soconfig failed on boot


      Running solaris_x86 version 10 R08/11 on an HP 420 workstation. System has

      been solid for 18 months, but now getting this error on system boot:


      exec /sbin/soconfig -f /etc/sock2path failed to execute. errno=8

      exec /sbin/autopush -f /etc/iu.ap failed to execute. errno=8


      The box will boot with CDROM, but not normally. The soconfig and

      autopush binaries have correct permissions and don't appear corrupt.

      Compared the iu.ap and sock2path files to the backup box and

      no differences.


      Here is the contents of /etc/inittab


      ap::sysinit:/sbin/autopush -f /etc/iu.ap

      sp::sysinit:/sbin/soconfig -f /etc/sock2path

      smf::sysinit:/lib/svc/bin/svc.startd > /dev/msglog 2 <> /dev/msglog </dev/console


      Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.