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    Error: Cannot display file. The file contains 0 bytes




      I am getting the below error when accessing a a document using Autovue from Documentum:


      "Error: Cannot display file. The file contains 0 bytes"


      Please note, autovue server is up and running and I get the below when accessing: http://WebserverName:7002/VueServlet/servlet/VueServlet


      Oracle AutoVue

      VueServlet for AutoVue 20.2.2 Build: 8633 (2013-08-21)


      Servlet tunneling to server[0] (IP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)
      Connection state: OK
      AutoVue server is up and running.

      Build: 8633 (2013-08-21)

      Server Load:

      Server: farm-server[0] (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxx) Processors: 2


      I hope to hear from someone soon!