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    Bug with Content Presenter?


      Hi all,

      I'm using WebCenter Portal and I found a problem with Content Presenter when I config it in WebCenter Portal Application (Space).

      1) First problem:

      At the Tab Content of Content Presenter Configuration, with Content Source:  Result of query, and at the Sort order field I chose dInDate (default value is : dDocTitle). Then I chose the template and click Save button for all config and it's OK. But when I come back to reconfigure I saw that the Sort field  is reset to default value is dDocTitle ??????


      2) The second

      I write my own Content presenter Template to use. In my template body have image tag (ex: <af:image>; <af:goImageLink> ... ). I upload it on my Space and using it on my Content Presenter Configuration and It's seem OK for the first time of configuration. But problem happen when I comeback to reconfigure. I only access the first tab of Content Presenter Configuration dialog, When I go to the Template Tab the Content Presenter Configuration dialog is closed immediate without any error message or something to alert. But when I remove all image tag in my body Content Presenter Template, all thing become normal?????


      Do you have any idea about it?