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    Problem with Calc Status in HFM


      Hi Gurus,


      Calc status is not changing after data input. Years 2012 and 2013 behave normally – after data input or change calc status is changing into CH. You can click Calculate, Translate and it works. But 2014 onwards calc status is not changing. At the beginning calc status is NODATA even if you input data. There is no option Calculate or Translate only Force. After Force Calculate calc status changes to OK and it stays OK even if you input or change data. Force translate does not work. It is the same on Dev and Prod and HFM restart didn't help.


      Thank you

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          Do you have any "HS.ImpactStatus" rules?

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            There aren't any HS.ImpactStatus in rules.

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              Which member of the value dimension are you selecting in your data grid?

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                Entity currency for data input and parent currency for checking translation.

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                  How are you inputting your data? Are you loading it via FDM or through HFM's load utility? Are you using journal entries? Are you using data grids? If so, is the POV of the data grid the same when you are viewing the calculation status?


                  Before we assume it's a system/server issue, it's necessary to make sure that we are looking into all of the minute details.

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                    Both, FDM and HFM data grids. No HFM load utility. Result is the same. POV is the same for grid and viewing calculation status.

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                      Have you tried running a consolidation of the immediate parent of the entity or entities which you are inputting data? Try running a consolidation first and see if the status of the entities you consolidate say OK (I'm assuming you have entities in the rows and periods in the columns). After this, switch your grid display to data (instead of calculation status), input your data (make sure your pov is correct), submit and refresh, and check the calculation status again.


                      If your calculation status hasn't changed from "OK," then you may have to dig a bit deeper into the rules and metadata of these intersections.

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                        Thanos A

                        Hi there,


                        I would suggest to contact Oracle MySupport. It is seems that the application does not function as expected. Have you done any manual changes in the database?





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                          Here are the steps of test.

                          1. 1.      Consolidate - 2 entities for which we did force calculate before have status OK. Other entities NODATA
                          2. 2.      Data input on all entities – 2 entities CH, 1 entity OK, others NODATA
                          3. 3.      Consolidate – 3 Entities OK, others NODATA
                          4. 4.      Force calculate on Entity with status NODATA – changed to status OK
                          5. 5.      Data input on Entity from step 4 – status not changed to CH, stays OK.


                          Just remainder – this is happening only on 2014 onwards (2012 and 2013 are acting normally)

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                            Thanos A

                            Hi there,


                            My first question is whether you can retrieve the data that you have loaded via a webform.


                            If the answer is yes, then it seems that it is a technical issue (for example you db can be corrupted) and you should create an SR at MySupport. If you load data in a specific period, the period should be impacted without any calculation rules and as you said, only 2014 is not acting as expected.


                            If the answer is no then check the data.


                            Kind regards,



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                              I agree with Thanos A. If the data you entered for that specific period is not present when you when you try to retrieve, this could mean a few things:


                              • The period is locked.
                              • The accounts are specified under NoInput() in the rules
                              • The accounts are flagged as IsCalculated in the metadata
                              • You are not properly submitting data or loading data.


                              A good test to see if the data is corrupt is to utilize the Manage Data utility within Workspace. Clear the data for the specific intersections (Be sure to specify the scenario, year, period, accounts, and entities). Check the Calculation Status again. My suggestion is to build a new data grid from scratch this way you can really see what you're setting as your POV. If the calc status hasn't changed after clearing your data at those specific intersections, then you should definitely open up a support ticket with Oracle to see if it's a database issue.


                              If it does change, enter the data again in the same data grid (just switch the grid display to data instead of Calculation Status) and go through the previous steps to see if you're still seeing the same issue.