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    Repaint issues with



      after upgrading from to I have a issue with window repaint: on some moment (this occurs ramdomly)  when I change to other application (ie internet explorer) and then I return to sql developerIt only appears the results tabs. The worksheet is gone, the connection window is gone, the menu is gone etc...

      if I move the mouse on the screen, when I go over the menú then It appers again so it seems some repaint issue (not sure about this).

      Anyway, is hard to work like this because I must to select the text on the sheet or pass the mouse on all sqldeveloper window to see again all things. So, finally, i must to close and reopen sql developer...


      I tried with various jdk, and various Oracle client (due to some advises read on net).


      Can you help me?


      Windows 7 64 pro.

      ram 8gb

      sqldeveloper (64 bit versión)

      jdk 1.7.0_55(64 bit versión)

      Oracle client bit versión)


      PD: sorry for my por english...

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          There are several possibilities here.  Not really certain of the preferred order, but maybe something like this...

          1.Try adding this option to your sqldeveloper.conf file:  AddVMOption -Dsun.awt.keepWorkingSetOnMinimize=true

          2. Increasing the -Xms values in your %APPDATA%\sqldeveloper\\product.conf file may help, especially if you moved from 32-bit to 64-bit.

          3. Try the G1GC garbage collection algorithm as discussed here: SQL Developer High Memory Consumption

          Aside from controlling such things in SQL Developer's JVM, you may also wish to use Task Manager /  Resource Monitor to check if other processes (including services running as SYSTEM) on your machine might be winning the competition for limited resources.




          SQL Developer Team

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            Thanks a lot Gary!

            I'm currently testing those options, I'll post again in a couple of days (the issue is random but it takes hours to happen). By the way, yesterday I installed 32bit versión with the same result


            Thanks again!

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              Gary Graham-Oracle

              The extra information you provide...

              issue is random but it takes hours to happen

              leads me to believe switching to G1GC garbage collection could be helpful.  It seems more effective than other gc algorithms in freeing memory when connections close.  If you have lots of connections open simultaneously, while displaying large query result sets, and so on, then closing unnecessary connections and query results should help.  Increasing the -Xmx values in product.conf could help for a while, but that is probably just delaying the inevitable.

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                Yesterday I've added this options to sqldeveloper.conf:


                AddVMOption -Dsun.awt.keepWorkingSetOnMinimize=true

                AddVMOption -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions

                AddVMOption -XX:+UseG1GC



                Plus, I've change these to product.conf:


                AddVMOption -Xms512m



                Anyway I still get little strange glitches on results tab but still nothing compared to the principal issue

                I'll report on monday or tuesday... thanks again Gary!!

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                  After some hours of work still get the same issue


                  Maybe closing windows not used often may help, but I worked the same on 3.2 version with no problem...


                  Any idea?


                  Thanks in advance.

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                    Gary Graham-Oracle

                    If still able to access Help > About > Properties after these "glitches" occur, use the search widget to filter on all the mem properties and check if the used heap memory has bumped up against the max limit.  That is, java.memory.heap.used vs java.memory.heap.max.  Also do the same comparison for the java.memory.nonheap properties, just in case.  These numbers should be reliable.  Do not rely on Windows Task Manager.


                    If you are bumping against limits, as I suspect, then closing unused windows and disconnecting unused connections may be the only alternative.

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                      Ok, I'll monitor the memory from sqldeveloper. What is strange is that when the issue ocurrs, even if I close unused sql developer Windows, the issue don't dissapear...


                      I'll post results in a couple of days.

                      Thanks again Gary!

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                        Today the issue has been triggered very soon These are the memory values:





                        they seem correct!! Only 3 Windows and three connectiones opened.


                        Thanks in advance!

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                          Gary Graham-Oracle

                          So it appears that all is well with memory and the JVM.  Strange that in your earlier posts the problem only manifested after hours, but now gets triggered quickly.


                          Starting from scratch, after eliminating memory as the culprit, the standard advice when the UI misbehaves is to try renaming or deleting the following folders, then relaunch SQL Developer, skipping over the user settings migration step...

                          1. %APPDATA%\SQL Developer\system4.

                          2. %APPDATA%\sqldeveloper

                          If that does not help, then you may wish check on other environmental factors like...

                          1. Is your video device driver updated to the latest available version?

                          2. Have you installed third party extensions that may be the cause?

                          Beyond that, you can also try collecting debugging information as outlined in Jeff's blog:



                          Best Wishes,


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                            After summer holidays, the pc I was working on was changed (due to renting policy). With the new pc the issue is dessapeared. So I suspect that the video driver maybe the culprit (anyway I can't ensure it )


                            Thanks for your assistence Gary!