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    OWB Configuration Problem for Oracle 12c database




      I'm trying to configure an OWB Installation for an Oracle 12c database.

      Both systems are running on the same machine, a Windows Server 2012.

      I want to create a new workspace and do not want to migrate an existing one from an older version.

      I'm following the instructions from the Oracle Warehouse Builder Installation and Administration Guide 11g Release 2 (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/owb.112/e17130/setup_windows.htm#BACCHBHD):

      • run the scripts cat_owb.sql and reset_owbcc_home.sql from the %ORACLE_HOME%/owb/UnifiedRepos directory.
      • unlock the OWBSYS and OWBSYS_AUDIT users
      • run the Repository Assistant


      At 1%, I got the following error:

      main.TaskScheduler timer[5]20140716@15:15:32.032: 00> oracle.wh.service.impl.assistant.ProcessEngine.display(ProcessEngine.java:2122): Exception = java.sql.SQLException: ORA-29532: Java-Aufruf durch nicht abgefangene Java-Exception beendet: java.sql.SQLException: OWBSYS can not access to E:\oracle\product\11.2.0\owb11g_home/owb/bin/admin/rtrepos.properties

      main.TaskScheduler timer[5]20140716@15:15:32.032: 00> oracle.wh.service.impl.assistant.ProcessEngine.display(ProcessEngine.java:2122)+>ORA-06512: in "OWBSYS.WB_RT_UPDATE_HOME_PATH", Zeile 2


      According to different other Forums, I added the following line to reset_owbcc_home.sql:

      dbms_java.grant_permission('OWBSYS','java.io.FilePermission', path||'/owb/bin/admin/rtrepos.properties', 'read,write');


      But this did not solve the problem. When I have a look at the %ORACLE_HOME%/owb/bin/admin, I can find no rtrepos.properties file.


      Creating the file manually results in the following error during the repository assistant run at 73%:

      main.TaskScheduler timer[5]20140716@11:28:59.059: 00> oracle.wh.service.impl.assistant.ProcessEngine.display(ProcessEngine.java:2122): [processSPAWN]: A spawned program error. Exception = java.lang.Exception: Error : java.sql.SQLException: ORA-29532: Java-Aufruf durch nicht abgefangene Java-Exception beendet: java.io.FileNotFoundException: Permission denied


      Thanks for your help in advance.