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    FDM application error -2652


      Hi All,

      I´m trying to create the first one application in FDM in my environment. Everything is configured, but I can´t login.

      I´m choosing "New Application" and enter "admin" as username and the password. The following error occurs: "The username or password is invalid. -2652".


      The user admin is the current admin of all other components. The test in config of the load balancer (connection to HSS) works fine.


      I have tried removing  the application group which is optional in Load balancing configuration.



      Has anyone an idea??



      Thanks in advance?

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          The user logging into FDM would need to be provisioned in shared services and also be contained in the user maintenance menu in the FDM application.

          From web config manager check load balancer and shared services should be up.




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            but i am not able to see the FDM app to assign the roles to the Admin in shared services

            its  not allowing me to create a new application what to do can u pls tell me ?



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              follow this -



              1. In FDM server open Load Balance Manager-> Load balance configuration

              2) Select the Authentication Providers tab.

              3) Click on the Shared Services OpenLDAP Provider and click "modify"



              4) Update the username field from cn=911 to cn=root



              5) Click on the Logon Test button and enter a valid native hss user and password and click "Logon".  Receive message "Logon Successful".



              6) Click OK and click on the general tab of the Load Balance Configuration and update the FDM Service Account password and confirm to save the change.



              if this is not successful i like to know server (machine) details in which fdm is installed.





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                Thanks dear but  iam not able to change the user DN in user information field in shared services native connection information it seems gray out where i cant edit or modify do i need to change any settings