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    How to defer execution of DFF VO query for hidden columns


      Hi All,


      We have a search page in our application, where we display flex fields columns in the results table which are hidden, but they are don't exist in search query. So Ideally we expect the DFF VO iterator to be queried only once we click on search. But we have noticed that in the page load itself this DFF VO iterator is being executed and its taking considerable amount of time (20 secs). We wan't to avoid this as these fields are primarily hidden columns and we want the iterator to be queried only when search is invoked. Is there a way or property that we can set to defer the execution of DFF VO iterator till the search is conducted, just as we defer the execution of bindings in the popup during the page load by setting 'Lazy' or 'Lazy Cached' property. Any pointers could be really helpful.