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    Warning while using Hyperion Interactive Reporting Migration utility




      We are trying to migrate from Brio 8.3 version to Hyperion Interactive Reporting using Migration utility. When I am trying to migrate Brio Repository metadata I am getting following warning.


      On target system I installed only HIR only not SQR. I don't now how SQR is related to brio. I need your help on this.


      [2014-07-16T16:26:46.150-04:00] [EPMMIG] [WARNING] [] [oracle.EPMMIG.RUN_MIGRATION.com.hyperion.pmt.migrator.hpsu.upgrade.HPSuMigrationCustomRepository] [tid: 20] [ecid: 0000KT0qhMfCKu0LnyP5iZ1Jlhgl00000D,0] [SRC_CLASS: com.hyperion.pmt.migrator.hpsu.upgrade.HPSuMigrationCustomRepository] [SRC_METHOD: checkSQRVersion:376] SQR not installed on target system