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    Samrtview query error



      I am getting the following error could any one suggest me why this is getting


      I’m using a SmartView query and getting an error message that I’m not provisioned while i am using smartview

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          Could you provide additional details with respect to the error.


          What is the type of connection that you are trying and what is the exact nature of the error message?


          Details would help


          Thank you

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            I have replied in your other blog as well but it seems that its not fixed.




            This issue generally happen When the OU of a user is changed in the external provider, perform the following steps to sync the external provider changes to Essbase security:




            1. Export the Essbase security from Essbase Administration Services (EAS) Console, which can be found \Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem1\EssbaseServer\essbaseserver1\bin



            2. In the exported security file, locate each OU user that is having Smartview login issues



            3. Perform the following steps to remove impacted users from Essbase security and then refresh from Planning:



            · Login to MaxL as an admin user



            · Execute command:  display user <username>;



              Can find each user name in the security dump file



              Display user command will give the full user name with provider <username@provider> needed for the next command to drop



            · Execute command:  drop user <username@provider> from security_file;



            · Run another security dump to be sure users were removed from Essbase



            · Run a Planning security refresh to sync the user back to Essbase




            This should correct the Planning application connection from Smartview login issue for each user.