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    Pl/SQL functions as LOV to be used in another view object




      We had a custom search for retrieving data from a View Object and the data was displayed as ADF Table. Now there are few requests to enable Saved searches on this report. We have to go with View Criteria and Query panel if we have to enable saved search feature. But the fields used in search go through a lot of logic and hence are implemented based on PL/SQL functions. We used to call these functions and get the comma separated lists and then split the list into individual items and were setting in the "Select Many Choice" component.


      The value(String) returned from pl/sql function is something like - APAC, EMEA, NORTH AMERICA, LAD


      I am trying to create a LOV based on SQL Query like - "Select getRegions() from dual; "


      Now I want the comma separated list to be split so that I could use this LOV in another view and try the view criteria and saved searches.


      I did try to assign it as LOV just to check and the view criteria drop down for Region shows same value as single Item - "APAC, EMEA, NORTH AMERICA, LAD"

      I want it to be 4 separated items -






      IS there anyway to achieve this ??

      Or better is there any other way to do this (maybe I am trying all wrong)