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    Error in authentication while integrating Discussion Forum in my portal application


      Hi all,

      I am developing a portal application where I want to use Discussion Forum Task flow.

      I am using JDev version,weblogic 10.3.6

      I am using weblogic server's Embedded LDAP server for authentication purpose and I have not configured external LDAP server or OIDAuthenticator.

      I have granted only SYSTEM ADMIN permission to "weblogic" from "Jive forum admin console".

      I have not assigned CATEGORY ADMIN,GROUP ADMIN,USER ADMIN,MODERATOR permissions to the "weblogic" user.


      When I run my project and click on Discussion Forum page it gives me this


      failure to authenticate the user weblogic, due to: Unexpected error occurred, due to : oracle.j2ee.ws.client.jaxws.JRFSOAPFaultException: Client received SOAP Fault from


      Here is my WC_COLLABORATION server log ==>


      <Jul 16, 2014 6:42:31 PM IST> <Error> <oracle.wsm.resources.security> <WSM-00101> <The specified keystore file /data/oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/portal_domain/config/fmwconfig/default-keystore.jks cannot be found; it either does not exist or its path is not included in the application classpath.>

      <Jul 16, 2014 6:42:31 PM IST> <Error> <oracle.wsm.resources.enforcement> <WSM-07503> <Failure in Oracle WSM Agent processFault, category= security, function=agent.function.service, application=owc_discussions_11., composite=null, modelObj=OWCDiscussionsServicePublic, policy=null, policyVersion=null, assertionName=null.

      oracle.wsm.common.sdk.WSMException: GenericFault : generic error

          at oracle.wsm.security.policy.scenario.executor.SecurityScenarioExecutor.initialize(SecurityScenarioExecutor.java:472)

          at oracle.wsm.security.policy.scenario.executor.SecurityScenarioExecutor.init(SecurityScenarioExecutor.java:347)