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    Lot of Archives are getting generated due to db block changes in table fnd_concurrent_requests and fnd_concurrent_queues

    Hungry DBA

      Hi Guys,


      In our R12.1.3 EBS RAC Production Database (Size ~ 450GB), found heavy archives generation which almost 200GB - 250GB daily from past couple of months (Due to which our Standby/DR database have been lagging). After taking AWR Reports for last 3 months, I've found that fnd_concurrent_requests and fnd_concurrent_queues are 2 heavily redos transnational tables. (from db block changes section). Also the same confirmed from dba_hist_seg_stat, dba_hist_seg_stat_obj & dba_hist_snapshot tables. Purge Concurrent Request and/or Manager Data request has been scheduled with ALL, age, 14 days parameters.


      We have also done re-org activity on these tables, but still no luck. is there any way to reduce archives generation on due to these FND% Tables ? is there any other request for purging ? any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks in Advance,



      Manish Nashikkar