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    EPM 11.1.2 Startup Scripts

    user 1208988

      Hi All,


      I have successfully installed EPM 11.1.2 on my Windows 2003 Server. By default all the services were automatic and started on their own. I made them manual and would like to know if there are any batch script to start the processes manually in one go. Please assist.





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          Jasmine Pauline-Oracle

          EPM System Installer installs a single start script in EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE/bin, called start.bat|sh. Running the single start script on a machine in your EPM System deployment starts all EPM System services installed on that machine.


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            you can start EPM services manually from Start >> All Program >> oracle EPM system >> Foundation services >> start EPM system.


            or you can create a batch file to start EPM services.

            e.g  (batch file for EPM 122)


            echo off



            echo "Starting Oracle Ora Db11g_home1 TNS Listener"

            net start "OracleOraDb11g_home1TNSListener"

            timeout 8



            echo "Starting Oracle Service ORCL"

            net start "OracleServiceORCL"

            timeout 8



            echo "Starting OracleProcessManager_ohsInstance3193331783"

            net start "OracleProcessManager_ohsInstance3193331783"

            timeout 8



            echo "Starting HyS9FoundationServices"

            net start "HyS9FoundationServices"

            timeout 8








            echo "Starting Hyperion Planning - Web Application"

            net start "Hyperion Planning - Web Application"

            timeout 8



            echo "Starting Hyperion RMI Registry"

            net start "Hyperion RMI Registry"




            ECHO Exiting...





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