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    Default Exception Handling in B2B


      Hi All,


      Need your help and advise on the below requirement we have currently:


      Source system sends an XML input to MW and therein, we transform it into PO_850 XSD and sends it to B2B. We are validating the XSD in B2B and then generating an EDI_PO_850 file and sending it to the Trading Partner. We are going to have 5 different Target Trading Partner. I have 2 questions w.r.t the default exception handling in place for Oracle B2B:


      1. Which Queue will have the Error Information for the above case? B2B_IN_Queue/B2B_OUT_Queue/B2B_IP_IN_Queue

      2. We would like to consume the error messages specific to a trading partner from the JMS Queue directly, how can we achieve it?


      Appreciate your help in this regard.


      Thanks in Advance


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          Hi Priyanka


          B2B operates in two modes for default internal queue communication - AQ and JMS. This is controlled in the Admin/Configuration page "use JMS queues" checkbox.


          In AQ, the queue to which the exception message is delivered would be IP_IN_QUEUE

          In JMS the queue to which the exception message is delivered would be B2B_IN_QUEUE. Since you speak about reading error message from the JMS queue directly, am thinking this would be the one of interest to you.


          In addition to the above we can create custom JMS internal delivery queue and this can be associated to the Exception Queue which can be assigned in the Admin/Configuration page.


          With regards to reading the exception msg specific to the trading partner from the JMS Queue directly, this can be done by adding a check on the dequeue process. Each exception message is populated with From_Party and To_Party information. In the outbound delivery case, the exception message should have To_Party set as the partner's name. This can be checked.


          Hope that helps.