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      I have  <af:selectManyChoice .........   in my code.


      Problem : When I run the application and then click  selectManyChoice it will show me the options....  then i scroll down the page and notice that the selectManyChoice options keep floating and appear somewhere else on the page. Meaning they are not at the level where the selectManyChoice dropdown is...  its floating somewhere else.   How to fix this issue ?



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          Can you provide the code you used to create selectManyChoice.


          Also try posting in JDeveloper and ADF



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            This is the snippet...


            Following is my selectManyChoice ...



                <af:selectManyChoice   id="dmnc" value="#{MyBean.port}" selectAllVisible="false" contentDelivery="lazy" autoSubmit="true" 

                              partialTriggers="t1:headerLL t1:it7 t1:headerModern t8:headerHistoric"

                        disabled="#{! MyBean.correlate}">                 

                                  <f:selectItems value="#{MyBean.actualList}" id="i3"/>




            Issue happens only in FireFox...


            Tested in IE and Chrome - no issue.

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              what version of firefox you are using?

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                Can you let us know your jdev version please?



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                  Daniel Merchán



                  Are your Firefox version certified with your WebCenter/JDeveloper version?. Check the certification matrix.

                  Did you clear Firefox cache?. Maybe there is previous executions with style being in conflict.

                  Are you using ADF Skinning or External CSS to apply styling to default HTML tags?.

                       If yes, please remove all the CSS and try again. If it works is something related to your CSS


                  If not. Are you able to reproduce in a Test Case? If yes, please provide to us or open an Oracle-SR, maybe can be a bug.


                  I hope this helps.


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                    we are using Jdev and Firefox is 30.0 (Hope these versions are supported)

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                      Daniel Merchán



                      If you have access to Oracle My Support (MoS) you can find the certifications of your current version.

                      You have to go to Ceritifications Tab and search for ADF


                      You will find the following certifications for the browsers:

                      - Google Chrome (10+)

                      - IE 6,7,8,9

                      - Safari 4.x, 5.x

                      - Firefox 5+, 3.x


                      You have to consider migrate to ADF version (it means WebCenter and versions) as is not supported yet and Oracle will suggest you patching your environment.


                      I hope this information helps.