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    Error synchronizing oracle mobile client (msync.exe)


      The mobile server was initially installed Oracle Lite 10g Release, this release was updated to then this application to migrate to Oracle Database Mobile Server 11g Release

      The application server was selected Oracle GlassFish Server and ports for which our scheme is administered database is configured. The mobile console was installed successfully in this way the user gets to download the client (SQLite Win32)

      It is installed successfully, but when running the executable (msync.exe) generates the following error when trying to synchronize:


      -12011 oseException(-12011):  Plugin returned error -13002: ospCreateSnap()

      returns error -13002: "SqliteException:  Invalid column definition received[Diagnostics:

      dbName=default, snapName=C$BG_SYNC_LOG, pubId=6387, snapId7368, opt=0,

      infoLen=125]" <- osePluginError(-13002): ospCreateSnap() returns error -13002:

      "SqliteException: Invalid column