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    Controls in HFM


      What are the audit controls in HFM to cross check that there is no data missed while importing TB from extensal souce?

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          This is another one of those questions to which the definate answer can be only be formulated by throughly understanding the reported information, reporting process etc. It depends also on how much of the infformation you can calculate within the application. Without knowing the requirement, on a high level consider these:


          • Validating data, the basic ones are to check that balance sheet balances and that the sum of specifications matches the main account
          • Using Process control see that all units have reported who are supposed to report
          • Check that everything has been consolidated


          Hope these help.

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            This depends on how data is loaded. I assume your transforming your TB data using FDM. Two of the steps in the process are to Validate your source dimensions and data against your target system. If there are unmapped dimensions, they will be listed during the validation step. You can also do additional validation after you Export your data to your target system. These require certain validation rules within FDM.


            The above should be sufficient for audit purposes. If you are not loading data through FDM, the audit functionality is very limited. The log file that HFM generates during a data load will show any invalid data, but for further analysis you'll have to create reports in your source system and your target system and do cross validation manually.