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    Date Range - CM14 and BI Publisher


      I previously asked about a date range. I have a follow up question. Is it possible to put a date range in a form and not a report?

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          Also is there a way to display the date range on the report?

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            Rudy Ising

            I have not actually tested the CRITERIA feature on a form, though I would suspect it would work with one caveat:


            Technically, forms are designed to retrieve ONE record (hence the master_key retrieval argument) where reports are designed to retrieve MULTIPLE records--so if you placed a date range in a form it probably wouldn't make sense since the ONE record most likely has ONE date...

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              Rudy Ising

              If you can build the date range into the data model, then yes you can insert this range into the header.


              However, I'm not sure that the PCM14 BI implementation will support printing the dates entered by the user in the prompt onto the reports--I'll take a look and post a reply if it can.

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                Thank you for your help. What i am trying to do is to get a specific material name for the form and would like to input the date range to determine the quantity delivered between those dates.


                I have been able to do this with the report, but not the form.


                I made an additional criteria for material name in the report as a work around, it is just that the user must know the material name exactly, which leave no room for error/typos.

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                  Rudy Ising

                  In order to add the date range into the header of the form/report, you would first have to modify the data model so that you have a floor/celing or min/max value to output.  This would retrieve the first and last records that have been included after the user enters the prompt.  Technically it is NOT displaying what the user types in, but rather the first and last dates in the records within the range.


                  I don't believe there is a way to add the dates entered in the prompt onto the report output.


                  Next, adding this to a form.  I haven't tested the prompt with forms but thanks for explaining what you wanted.  First, if you set the CRITERIA prompt on the form to the Material Received Date, you can test to see if this retrieves the correct records.  If the CRITERIA function doesn't retrieve on the form, then it's possible that Oracle only built this criteria function to work on the Reports.  If it does work, then you'd have to add extra expressions into the data model to retrieve first and last records to display the "to" and "from" dates on the form.


                  Otherwise, your workaround of prompting for dates and material_name in the report is the next best thing.