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    Error while migrating repository files from Brio to Interactive reporting




      I am doing migration of Brio from 8.3.1 to Hyperion Interactive Reporting version I am referring http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E12825_01/epm.111/hs_migration.pdf


      I am facing error when I am migrating resitory files from brio 8 to Interactive reporting version11 environment.


      Error [[ENOENT]] Accessing path: /c2cnas/Oracle/Hyperion_Home/EPMSystem11R1/products/biplus/opencat


      when I checked at my Linux server I do not see "opencat" directory under /c2cnas/Oracle/Hyperion_Home/EPMSystem11R1/products/biplus path. I don't know why this directory or folder was missed after Hyperion Interactive Reporting Installation. Do we need to create this folder manually for newer versions( 11.x)?


      Has anyone aware of this error? will it impact my migration? I am thinking that migration utility is looking to place .oce files in this directory but it could not find. is my understanding correct?


      Please help me on this.