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    API (or a function) for 'Standard Match' process.

    Akhil Agarwal

      Is there a public API (or a function/procedure) provided/suggested by Oracle which can be used to 'explicitly' do the 'Standard Match' process (which Oracle does during 'Star Item creation' process for ATO models) ?

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          Did you try using the match and reserve function along with BOM:use custom match profile?



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            Akhil Agarwal

            We wanted to use this functionality in Oracle Quoting (for a customization which we are attempting). Anyways, I opened up an SR with Oracle and got the following updates which are helpful:

            The config creation process starts with the function CTO_WORKFLOW.create_config_item_wf(). This in turn calls the match API CTO_MATCH_CONFIG.perform_match(). Depending on whether you are using standard match or custom match, this API calls CTO_MATCH_CONFIG.check_config_match() or CTO_CUSTOM_MATCH_PK.find_matching_config(). Please analyze these APIs to understand how standard match works and whether you can use them as it is or you need to make some modifications to suit your needs.