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    Undergraduate student interested in Analytics



      I am currently an incoming 3rd year undergraduate student studying economics and statistics. I want to apply for a masters in business analytics. It is to my understanding that knowledge of languages such as SQL, SAS, and SPSS will all be important for what I want to do.

      I have some programming experience with VBA and Java, but I want to learn these three. I want to show on my resume and have some metric of defining my own progress through certifications.

      Knowing SQL is a really important skill because it is valuable for database queries for analysis. I don't want to be dedicated to databases and structures and would rather use them as tools for the purpose of deriving valuable analysis and models. I think it would be useful to take the certification for SQL Fundamentals 1 (1Z0-051) and see how that goes, next use it as a basis for potentially taking SQL Certified Expert (1Z0-047). For 11g? I'm not sure which version I should try for.

      My other option is the Microsoft Solution Expert: Business Intelligence. However, I would eventually want to work for a fortune 500 company which mainly use Oracle. Also the MCSE is divided into too many (5) different tests, which cover potentially valuable skills, but I am not sure how applicable they would be.

      For SAS I will try to get my SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9.

      And SPSS, IBM Certified Associate/Specialist SPSS (Maybe)

      What do you guys thinking? Am I over my head with this?


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          Philippe Ludwig

          I don't know about SAS and SPSS, so won't comment on that.


          I know that MCSE Business Intelligence and SQL Certified Expert are very challenging/complicated. Even MCSA SQL Server is for pro. IMHO you can't pass those tests without real world experience. And I also think that those exams made for people with IT background (not economics and statistics).

          Try to pass SQL Fundamentals 11g without brain dumps. You will see the level and effort you need for preparation. I guess it's a good first step.