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    Welcome to the upgraded community!


      Hi all,


      Drumroll please... it's the new community! As you can see, we're still tinkering with some things, like the finalized taxonomy and the look and feel of individual pages. We will likely be in a more finalized state in a couple of days.


      In the meantime, let us know what you think or ask your questions here!



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          Timo Hahn

          Hi Monique,

          I've been around the OTN forum quite done time. I'm kind of lost a bit after the last update. Without watching your video I wouldn't have find this place to give my first feedback.

          The forum had changed other the time, but now it more looks like a 'Mail, Twitter, Facebook  and a bit like a forum get help from other users' all in one web application. Most of the new functions, I don't understand or they are not working as expected. I hope users like @Dude! help sort things out.

          It's not all bad, but I feel that the forum lost it's primary goal, which I assum is to get help from other users and to help others users.


          Here are my findings after using the new forum for 30 minutes:

          Why can I add a video but not an image? Check Screenshot_2014-07-20-00-32-11 | JDev & ADF Goodies

          Why can I accept relationship notifications from other users? Check Screenshot_2014-07-20-00-32-11 | JDev & ADF Goodies

          Oh, and my profile tells me that I reach the next level with the next point Screenshot_2014-07-20-00-32-11 | JDev & ADF Goodies what's that supposed to mean?



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            Hi Timo,


            The feedback thread is listed on the front page; my connection went down for a bit and I was unable to publish the link. But people should be able to find this thread and ask their questions now.


            • You should be able to embed images; that's something we will fix.
            • I'm not sure what you mean about being able to accept relationship notifications--that's the same functionality we've always had as far as I know. Can you clarify?
            • I think you accidentally posted the same screenshot twice; can you post the other one?




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              Oh and I agree there are a lot of new features that are more in the "social" sphere. We're trying to support some other communities coming on board that use social features more, not changing the focus of OTN. We're still focused on asking questions and getting answers!



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                Timo Hahn


                in the old forum I could only see relationship notifications send to myself. In the image you see that now I see notifications from other people I'm not related to. I did not try any of the buttons as long as it's not clear what's happen then.

                Oh, and here is the missing image Screenshot_2014-07-20-00-07-23 | JDev & ADF Goodies



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                  Oh, I see what you mean--no, that should not be happening.


                  That point notification is clearly a bug also. You will have more levels to conquer.... but not for a few months.


                  We'll add both of these to our list, thanks.

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                    I guess it will take some trial and error to get used to the new interface and features. Pretty much everything seems different. Just for a change, I would like to say something positive about the new interface, but sorry, so far the criticism prevails.


                    For what it's worth, below are some of my very first impressions:


                    1. Why are icons, actions, links, etc. shown in grayscale? Is color too expensive?

                    2. What happened to the editor? There is no more scroll bar in the editor; instead it fully expands and scrolls with the whole page. This is very annoying because when creating or editing text that is longer than one page, the editor toolbar scrolls off and is out of reach. It is no longer possible to mark some text and apply some formatting and see the change without scrolling up and down. It is very difficult to keep the focus on editing and this change is completely stupid.

                    3. Clicking on my username handle or the down-arrow in the page banner does the same thing. In order to get to my content, bookmarks, etc. I always have to choose "view profile" instead of simply clicking on my username handle, which used to be more convenient.

                    4. The Inbox, which looks more similar to e-mail and replaces the previous Communications view, is actually less convenient since it does no longer show the last response and requires to click and scroll. Could this be modified to show content in a reverse chronological order?

                    5. What happened to all my followed items? I think had more than 7!

                    6. It seems the forum interface was designed for the clueless, but is not really helpful for frequent navigation tasks, such as frequent switching between certain forum spaces. The MegaNav menu is useful for newcomers, but too cumbersome to be used on a frequent basis. At least if it would show the recently visited forum spaces, instead of the same old static content all the time.

                    7. Spell-check in the editor turns off when not precisely or too quickly clicking on the red underlined word. It's very difficult to use.

                    8. Sorry, I absolutely dislike the the new split screen that constantly shows the forum banner and MegaNav menu regardless of what I'm doing. Whether I'm editing a document or modifying my profile, it's always there. In the previous version, the banner would at least scroll off and be out of the way. So the forum banner plus the URL, tabs, etc. of my browser (Firefox) occupy 33 % of my browser window, showing static content, which is rather useless and aggravating.

                    9. When Jive 8 comes out next, I guess everything will be completely different again.

                    10. Did I say I wasn't going to miss Jive 5, I was wrong.
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                      1. Yes, it costs us $100 for each colored pixel we use... (Actually there is still color in there, it's just more subtle.)


                      2. I think we should have a separate thread to look at remaining bugs and desired changes in the editor, since it might be a big topic. This was a Jive change.


                      3. We can look into this; we should discuss what people want this to directly link to that would be most helpful.


                      4. We can look into this..


                      5. Things are still populating; give it until Monday and then let me know if it's still a problem.


                      6. If you click within the search bar, you can access your frequently viewed history, recent history and your bookmarks. If you go to our home page, you will see the "spaces you follow" widget on the left side for all the spaces you follow. That widget will eventually live on many pages--but we have to add it by hand so it won't be immediate. Clicking in the search bar is the best bet for now.


                      7. See #2.


                      8. I got used to this pretty quickly and I use that toolbar all the time to navigate, search, and create content. Maybe give this one some time and see what you think.


                      9. We did a custom UX this time around, and the jump from 5 to 7 was huge, so it changed a lot. We have no immediate plans to upgrade to 8, and no immediate plans to redo the UX--so hopefully you won't feel too unsettled.

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                        Hi Monique,


                        New Interface is good from look and feel .  Below are my few comments.

                        1. New editor is lacking in look and feel earlier was better.

                        2. Welcome page for Community seems to be look good but still under construction

                        3. Colors are missing from this interface


                        Hope to get more use to i asap.




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                          Bhabani Ranjan Mahapatra

                          Hi Monique,

                          I like the new stuffs you have added. Specifically attaching images,videos, recover last composed message etc. Few problems that I faced:


                          Took sometime to get this thread. There should have been a link on the home page.


                          When I click on update status on profile page, its getting redirected to below theme page



                          Cannot update the status. Error:

                          You are not allowed to create or update this content




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                            Wow, a lot of changes! Can't say yet that how many I do like or dislike. It seems that the forum's UI is being matched with the Orace.com UI. The same gray color is there all over. Besides the issues raised by Dude, another thing that I immediately noticed that there is no difference between the threads available and the one which one has just visited. At least, I didn't find any. Another issue(which isn't there anymore) is that the my account-id was shown and not the handle. But somehow, my handle is back . Also, the video that you have recorded, is it not having any voice ? I checked my laptop's volume controls couple of times but I guess, there is no voice recording, right?




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                              David Berger

                              Hello Monique


                              Where can I see my posts where I participated in? There was a tab on the left side on the old forum. (Participated, Owned.. etc.) I would see all my posts I wrote to!


                              A suggestion: It would be very good if there were a "Compact View" of the actual posts.. it is good that I can see the last answer to the question and also the avatar.. but it is I think total unnecessary. A "compact view" / "list view" as in the old forum would be very good (Without avatar and so on)

                              EDIT: Hmm I found the old look of the listed posts in the discussion site... Interesting.. why I did not find it before?!


                              Ok. I found it. I have to click on the CONTENT -Tab. because I'm landing to the overview first.. I think this Overview is total unnecessary..


                              Question: There are a lot of blank lines/spaces .. the discussion list begins on the 2/3 of the site vertical.. Do we need really so much logos, line separators, blank lines? It would be much better if the whole side were more compact. -> I have a 27" Monitor.


                              Thank You and regards, David

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                                Regarding 6, took me a while to figure it out. I was always clicking on the magnifying glass and nothing happened. Now clicking the search field shows a shortcut to display recently viewed and bookmarks. That's very useful, but also very tricky, and I wonder who would guess such behavior.


                                I actually like the new search interface once the results are displayed. I find it much better structured and more user friendly. Some of the new options, such as a "helpful" or "resolved" flag, are quite useful. However, when searching for Places and entering "linux" for example it did not find much. Does this mean the search database is still in process?


                                I find it still irritating though that it is necessary to search first in order open the advanced search page to apply some restrictions. It would not cross my mind to search the whole OTN community for e.g. "linux" and then to restrict the search results to a community space or place, etc. after the results are being displayed. Perhaps the developer of the search facility wanted to demonstrate the power of the search database, but this behavior is not intuitive. I would say the common logic is to restrict the search prior to displaying the search resutls, rather than to filter the information once the search results are being displayed.


                                Perhaps it would be better if "Search" was simply a link to open the advanced search page right away, or at least provide a pull-down menu showing "Content, People, Places"; instead of having to perform a search first in order to understand how it actually works.

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                                  Please see the following video. It demonstrates how the UI messes up when resizing the screen, and how the editor toolbar vanishes behind the Oracle banner.


                                  I think that the editor toolbar was actually supposed to stick on top of the screen when scrolling the page, but it disappears behind the Oracle banner (split screen) instead. Perhaps the problem can be corrected by removing the Oracle banner from the editing screens.


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                                    This is the second change I witness.



                                    You changed the navigation in this forum from "faily good" passing  "hard" to "horrible".


                                    When I started with this forum I navigarted to "Java section" and I could see all the posts in its subsections (eg. "Java Programming" and "new to Java") If that was to much I coud navigate into a subsection to see their posts only.


                                    The second forum at least had the the "Comunication" tab where I could see the post of subforums I am intrested in or the replies to my post. where is this now?


                                    And you even did not fix the editor so I still have to change to HTML mode wen I want to reply between the quoted lines.


                                    good work really...


                                    Don't get me wrong: I appreciate the forum. But IMHO your changes aim to the wrong problems.




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