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    HCM Upgrade from 8.8 to 9.2 - Person Model Effect




      We are upgrading from HCM 8.8 to 9.2 and I have some questions w.r.t the conversion ofnon employees into CWR and POI-


      1) How do I convert the non employees into POI. I understand by default all non employees will be converted as CWR.

      2) Do I have to insert a data conversion row for each of  the employe, non employee nd CWR as part of  the upgrade.

      3) Do I need to map the actions and action reasons in 8.8 to the action and action/reasons in 9.2?

      4) any Other thing that I may need to do ?

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          The following is from



          PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Resource Management System 8.8x to 9.1 Feature Pack – December 2010 Upgrade


          Appendix L

          Understanding Person Model Changes


          Employees and Contingent Workers comprise the workforce and are required to have a JOB history.


          Persons of Interest might have a JOB record if certain products process them. POIs include Cobra

          Participants, Pension Payees, and Stock non-emps, Learning Solution Students needing a refund via

          NA Payroll, External Trainers, and External Students. Because processes are already built for these

          groupings that need information on the JOB record, those groups will need to have a JOB record.

          Currently, the only POI types that don’t need a JOB record are the External Trainers and External

          Students (including the Applicants needing training prior to hire).


          The new model will allow a Person to be an Employee, a Contingent Worker, and/or a Person of

          Interest simultaneously or in succession using the same EMPLID. Each organizational relationship will

          be separated by EMPL_RCD — meaning any one EMPL_RCD for a Person can only be for one

          organizational relationship history. But there is no intelligence in the actual EMPL_RCD number.