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    Is it possible to receive a PO from WMS inbound Logistics from Desktop


      Hi Guru's



      Will I be able to receive item without using MSCA?. The Scenario is like this. I want to purchase Fuel and store it in a particular Locator (Capacity 1000 Liters). There are 2 Locators with 1000 Liters capacity. When I receive fuel system should be smart enough to check and putaway only 1000 Liters in 1st Locator and once this is done the next time when I purchase the same Fuel then the system should check if there is enough capacity available in the 1st Locator and if not then the system should be able to automatically suggest me the 2nd Locator. Is this possible through "Inbound Receiving from WMS"?.


      What I tried:


      1. Create a "Putaway Rule with Destination Subinventory name.

      2. 2nd sequence is the 1st Locator name.

      3. 3rd sequence is the Locator Capacity <= 1000


      But when I do Receipt and Receiving Transaction I am unable to find the Destination Subinventory default as per the "Putaway" setup. Kindly Help, its urgent.