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    Smartview Compatibility Connundrum ( to


      Hi All,


      We are currently in the process of upgrading our EPM environment from to  We are staggering our application go-live dates so HFM goes first late Summer and then Essbase 3 months later.


      We are having issues with Smartview compatability balancing our applications between and


      Option 1 - Upgrade to Smartview

      We are able to connect to both old and new HFM but our Essbase connections start acting strange and we can only see aliases rather than member names or aliases.  The change alias table is essentially greyed out and locked down.  This basically makes our Essbase ad-hoc analysis useless.  Oracle told us that Smartview could support both and but when we told them about this issue, they then said we would have to upgrade our to we won't be doing as we are abandoning it over the next few months.


      Further, the default install location for the new Smartview is C:\Oracle\Smartview whereas the version was located in C:\Hyperion\Smartview.  As you can imagine, we receive that famous error of C:\Hyperion\Smartview\Bin\Hstbar.xla! in all of our formulas when opening files created with formulas in  My assumption is the new Smartview can't find the path that the old formulas are tagged with.


      Yes, I can do a search and replace in Excel for C:\Hyperion\Smartview but I don't want to tell hundreds of users around the world to do this.  It appears (I have done a few tests), that this formula issue won't occur if I install into C:\Hyperion\Smartview and override the default install location.  My issue with this is I don't know if there is any downside to overriding the default location of Smartview.  ie. will issues arise in the future as it was intended to go to the Oracle folder?  Further, my end-users may try to rush through the installation instructions and I suspect many people will carelessly install it to the default location.  I just want to make the install as user-friendly as possible for all of our users who are not Smartview experts.


      Option 2 - Stay on Smartview until Essbase goes live:

      If we try to stay on the current Smartview, everything seems okay but now I have discovered that the member selection function does not work with HFM and gives an error saying 'Function Parameter Missing or Mis-Spelled'.  Not having this function will be an issue for us.  I haven't done much testing with this option but the first issue is a bit of a deal breaker.


      Any advice?  Has anyone been through this?  Does anyone have a simple way to fix the Essbase alias issue or the C:\Hyperion\Smartview formula issue.


      Greatly Appreciated,