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    Convergence: autorefresh page



      Is it possible some how to make auto-refresh Convergence Mail page?

      It is very annoying to press "Get mail" button to check out new mail into mail box.

      Any suggestion are welcome.


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          What is the iwcadmin option "client.mailcheckinterval" set to on your server? This should control the refresh period:




          client.mailcheckinterval Time interval (in sec) for the client to check the mail server for new messages
          • Default value: 300
          • Allowed Pattern/Values: 0-3600 secs
          • Data Type: Integer
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            But it works for the current folder only!

            If my current folder is INBOX and the letter arrive into <Other-folder> using SEIVE rule.

            I never know about new mail there until I click Other-folder!


            Is is possible to checkout new messages in all user folders?

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              Have you already set "client.updateunreadcount" (the option above "client.mailcheckinterval" in the doc linked above) to update the unread count for all folders when clicking "Get Mail"?


              Unfortunately this setting does *not* take effect  on the automated, periodic poll. There is no configuration option that causes the automated refresh to fetch the unread count from all the folders. This was a deliberate decision as the performance implications can be very high when users have many folders. It might be possible (but not trivial) for you to write a customization that causes the periodic refresh to fetch the unread count for all folders but be aware of the performance implications on both clients and server (especially if users have very many folders).

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                Thank you!

                It was very helpful information.


                Is there something similar for Calendar in Convergence?

                Can the client pull the server to get new invitations?


                Thank you in advance, Monk.

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                  Unfortunately I am not aware of an autorefresh mechanism for calendars, just the manual "Refresh" button.


                  You might like to open a Service Request on this topic with the possibility of an Enhancement Request being logged if you strongly desire this feature and I am correct in that it does not currently exist.


                  Best wishes,