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    Fusion Applications 11.1.7: Deploy a custom ADF page to Fusion Applications




      I am trying to create and deploy a custom ADF page in Fusion Applications(in premise) which will allow search, create and update operations on a custom table. I have been going through a pile of documents and this forum but I still have the following questions.


      I have a PageA based on the UIShell. This page is linked to the taskflow TaskFlowA which provides the search functionality. TaskFlowA calls TaskFlowB and TaskFlowC which provide the create and edit functionalities.

      I have enabled security from Jdeveloper (Application>Secure>Configure ADF Security)

      Question#1: Is this step required?



      To deploy it I will generate the ADF Library JAR for the Model and ViewController. The ADF Library JAR for the model will be placed into the <ExplodedEarDirectory>/APP-INF/lib directory of an existing application(say HCM). The ADF Library JAR for the UI will be placed in the <ExploadedWarDirectory>/WEB-INF/lib directory.

      Question#2: Are any other steps required for deployment.



      I will then add permissions for the page by following the steps in How To Configure Security For Custom Pages/Taskflows Added To Fusion Applications(Doc ID 1486524.1). This document lists the steps for configuring authorization policies using APM.

      Question#3: While specifying the resource type in APM, I will select RegionResouceType and set the Name to PageA. I understand that I need to provide the full path of PageA in the form xx.xxx.xx. But how do I get the full path?



      Finally I will add a new menu entry in the Navigator menu using the setup task “Manage Menu Customizations” by adding a new item.

      Question#4: What will be the value of Focus View Id for the new Item? Will it be the Focus View Id that I provided while creating the menu file in JDeveloper?

      Question#5: What will be the value of Secured Resource Name? Will it be the same as what I provided in Question#3 above?