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    OAM and Oracle Forms



      we are trying to secure our Oracle Forms Applications ( with OAM ( but when we setup the forms application to be secured (ssoMode=webgate) we always get a strange error

      File: WLS_FORMS.log

      oracle.forms.net.ConnectionException: FRM-93306
      at oracle.forms.servlet.FormsOIDContext.getUserDN(Unknown Source)
      at oracle.forms.servlet.FormsRadServlet.doGet(Unknown Source)
      at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:707)


      File: formsapp-diagnostic.log

      [SRC_CLASS: oracle.forms.servlet.FormsOIDContext] [SRC_METHOD: getUserDN] Unable to get the User Distinguished Name (DN) for the User or the Subscriber
      [SRC_CLASS: oracle.forms.servlet.FormsServlet$Request] [SRC_METHOD: doRequest] unable to obtain user credentials; redirecting to Delegated Administration Services


      We found out, that this error normally comes up with OAM and mod_osso and is described in the document

      (Doc ID 1390192.1)

      Unfortunattly, we don't use the mod_osso Module, we are trying to build up a "clean" OAM 11g Environment with WebGates

      We configured the workaround described in the document but it changed nothing.


      Has anyone an idea, any help?


      Our environment:

      RedHat Linux 6.5

      Oracle Access Manager

      Oracle FORMS