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    Javah error: could not find class file for 'com.ntv.ndkjni'



      My project directory  : C:\ndkJNI

      My java file directory : C:\ndkJNI\src\com\ntv\ndkjni

      My package name    : com.ntv.ndkjni

      1 ) I entry command prompt at C:\ndkJNI\src\com\ntv\ndkjni

      2 ) Javac test.java and create test.class succesfully. test.class is in  C:\ndkJNI\src\com\ntv\ndkjni folder.

      3 ) Later I used Javah, try below javah variously

           a)  javah -classpath C:\ndkJNI\src\com\ntv\ndkjni test

           b)  javah -classpath C:\ndkJNI\src\com\ntv\ndkjni.test

           x) javah -classpath C:\ndkJNI\src\com\ntv\ndkjni com.ntv.ndkjni.test

           y) javah -classpath C:\ndkJNI\src\com\ntv\ndkjni com.ntv.ndkjni test

           c)  javah -classpath C:\ndkJNI\src\com\ntv\ndkjni com.ntv.ndkjni.test

           d)  javah  com.ntv.ndkjni.test

           e) javah  com.ntv.ndkjni test

           f) javah  com.ntv.ndkjni test.class-> (error: exception in a thread illegal argument exception)


      I am searching  for 5 day. I couldnt find solution. I try different computer. I tried ubuntu and win8, the error still with me.

      Thats interesting when I delete the package com.ntv.ndkjni; from java file,  then create class file again with javac then javah can create header file succesfully.

      Please help me.


      package com.ntv.ndkjni;

      public class test {





          public static native int toplama(int sayi1,int sayi2);