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    Hyperion Planning - Depreciation Calculation


      Hello Experts,


      This is a SOS


      I am trying to write a business rule to calculate straight line depreciation for new assets for my client. We have accounts set up for the Asset Value, Useful life and Depreciation values for new assets. We are using Hyperion EPMA


      Depreciation Value (DP) = Asset Value/(Useful Life in months)    


      The requirement is that we need to clear out all existing data for depreciation values ( as the old ones would go into existing asset accounts) - This is done.

      We need to calculate the D.P only from the current month of the current year to Dec of next year. The user might enter the Asset value for current month and also for any month after that in the current year. The calculation should stop for each asset once it's useful life is over.


      I tried using lots of things and then gave up. Then tried the @SLN function but since we cannot use a XRANGE inside it, I am able to calcuate the Depreciation perfectly for the current year but not for the next year. !


      What is the common way to calculate the straight line depreciation?