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    What's a good value for UCM SessionTimeout


      Hi, we have some problems with performance.

      So we tried to monitor different things in UCM.

      Our setup:

      4 SSXA Servers (clustered) - 3 were running

      2 UCM-Servers (clustered, behind Loadbalancer)


      We saw a total of 6000 sessions, 3000 each.

      When stopping the 1st UCM-server the other had suddenly a total of 6000.

      After starting, the 1st UCM again, it slowly gained new sessions.

      After 1 hour, the 2nd UCM dropped(timed out) 3000 sessions at once (see attachment).


      This looks for me like there is a limit for Sessions - which might cause problems when reached - does anyone know about this?

      What would be a good value as timeout?


      Further, when I tried to set a different SessionTimeout as described, I had to generate a Deployment plan. Is this really necessary?

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          Srinath Menon-Oracle



          There is no specific "good" Timeout value that is applicable for UCM (or for that matter for any applications). It entirely depends on what exactly are your requirements, the end user expectation for time out sessions etc .


          The steps to be done for setting this value / modifying it are :


          1. Login to Weblogic console.

          2. In the domain structure, click "Environment". Then select "Servers."

          3. Click on the UCM server (e.g. UCM_server1)

          4. Click on the "Deployments" tab.

          5. Expand the option: Oracle Universal Content Management - Content Server

          6. Click the "/"

          7. Click the "Configuration" tab.

          8. Set the Session Timeout value in seconds.

          9. Restart WebLogic and the UCM managed server.


          Hope this helps .