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    Unable to open BI Publisher PDF report from OAF page



      Hi ,


         We are on Oracle ERP R12 (12.1.3). I created a custom OAF page. It has a message choice field with one of the options as "VIEW". WHen user queries a record and chooses the "VIEW" option, it is suppose to open a PDF document. The document is generated from a rtf file using the dynamicc xml generated in OAF page. To accomiplish this, I did the following:




      1) Created a rtf file


      2) created a template definition with output type as PDF and uploaded the rtf file


      3) created data definition and attached it to the template definition


      4) on OAF page, created a stack layout region



      When I run the page, it is giving error that that file type is not supported. Then I changed to output type to MS Word, it is invoking MS Word, but displaying the actual OAF page content in the word document instead of displaying the report output.


      I appreciate if anyone can help me....