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    ODI and OBIA


      We are trying to run the W_INT_ORG_D senerio as an incremental load. I created a load plan and ran the senerio the first time as a Full Load, but when I run it the second time, it does not recognize that it is an incremental load, eventhough I set the startup parameter for Incremental to Y

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          You might get a better response if you post your question in the OBIA discussion forum:


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            To load data incremental, we have two options



            Apply CDC and transform incremental data into target table



            You can maintain control file of last execution details timestamp of ODI job and add the same timestamps with WHO columns to transfer incremental data into target table




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              First check  W_ETL_LOAD_DATES in this table do u have a record with your scenario name or table name.


              When you run the scenario through load plans for the first time it will go for the full load and next time it automatically the Is Increment value will be Y and this is a variable which will be evaluated based on  W_ETL_LOAD_DATES  table and committed attribute . So if u want to go for incremental load not through load plan then you manually write an update statement which will update committed =1 based on your scenario name or target table name.


              update w_etl_load_dates set committed = 1 where target_table_name='W_INT_ORG_D' ;