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    Cannot get table column to display in correct order of table layout.




      I had a request to add an additional column to my query table results, and I would like it to display between two specific columns. When I run the page, it displays at the end of the table and I absolutely cannot get it to budge.  I have tried everything I can think of and I feel like this shouldn't be that difficult, so any help would be much appreciated as to what I am missing. 


      This is a custom page. 

      I have a Query Region with my results displayed in table layout, so it's a Classic Table.

      The results are based on a custom database view. 

      I added the new column in the database view.

      I added the new column to my EO. It initially showed at the bottom of the attributes, I have tried moving this up to the position I wish it to display in the results, with no change.

      I added it to my VO.  Initially it adds it at the bottom.  I move it up in the VO to the position I want it displayed and tie it to the proper value under Attribute mappings.

      I have added it to my page structure, under the Query>Table, in the position that I wish it to display (~13th column) .  (Which I thought originally, this was what controlled the order things display??)


      Is there anything else I can try? It is still displaying way at the end of the table. (~column 56)