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    Unable to retrieve file. The dynamic application file is not at the specified location


      Hi All,

      We are facing below mentioned issue while creating content for our web center portal application.

      I have configured UCM  properly for my portal application by creating content repository connection in my application resources.

      Our web center version :

      Issue 1)


      Content Server Request Failed

      Error Unable to retrieve file. The dynamic application file is not at the specified location ('/l01/oracle/middleware/user_projects/domains/Webcntr_domain/ucm/cs/weblayout/resources/wcm/custom/sitestudio/contentwizard/webcenter/contentwizard.hcsp').     








      this is what i have done

      In one of my portal page i have added the content presenter by entering contribution mode(ctrl+shift+e) and in the Content presenter configuration window ,when i  clicked on "Create Web Content" button

      it take me to  my oracle web center content window and throws the above error. Below is the URL i have in my browser



      Just to clarify, even i tried same thing in web center spaces as well. I have created a TestPortal, added a page and in this page when i add the content presenter and clicked on "Create Web Content" button, i am getting same issue.


      Please suggest me what could be the reason.


      Issue 2) In the Site studio ( i have created all the required element definitions and region definitions and they are checked in as well. And in oracle web cneter content (UCM) i can able to see all the xml definitions for these elements. But if i want to edit their definitions in site studio, i am not getting any way to see all the element definitions or region definitions which i have created earlier. is this kind of bug in since i was not facing this issue in


      so can some one suggest some thing for above mentioned issues.