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    How to cancel Limit rownum <1234....




      I've connect through ODBC connection pool to Vertica (HP) Database.

      Vertica's SQL doesn't work with operator "rownum<...".

      But OBIEE generate it on DB SQL statments, according to ResultRowLimit definition.

      For example:


      select D1.c1 as c1, D1.c2 as c2, D1.c3 as c3, D1.c4 as c4

      from ( select distinct 0 as c1,

      D1.c1 as c2,

      D1.c2 as c3,

      D1.c3 as c4


      (select T380477.PERIOD_NAME as c1,

      T380477.PERIOD_NUM as c2,

      T380477.PERIOD_ID as c3

      from XXBI_DIM_GL_PERIODS T380477

        ) D1

      order by c4, c3 ) D1

      where rownum <= 1000000000


      So the question is: is there a way to cancel rownum limit ?