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    Progress Reporter - Connection to DB


      Hi ALL,


      For my demo EPPM I have to install P6 Progress Reporter. So by guide (P6 Progress Reporter and WebLogic Configuration Guide) i deployed Progress Reporter and activated it. Works fine.

      Next step will be configurate connection for Oracle DB in pr/admin/configuration. Here is the problem, i fill out DB URL and Login (pubuser), but i get the message "Failed to connect to data source, please verify your settings and try again".

      What i should do to fix it. Thanks

      Progress Reporter

      DB URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@

      Public Group ID: 1

      Username: pubuser

      DB and App Server (same server)

      Win Serv 2012

      Oracle DB 12

      WebLogic 12



      All than deployed on VirtualBox

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          Wang Xin - Oracle


          Please try below step


          1. Launch the P6 Administration Application
          2. Expand the configuration being used by P6
          3. Expand the Database folder
          4. Expand the 'Instance' folder being used in the Progress Reporter Administration, Database Configuration 'PM Database' field.
          5. Expand the 'Driver Class and URL' folder and fix the JDBC URL being used.
          6. Test the Instance configuration by right-clicking the 'Instance' folder and selecting 'Test Connection'
          7. Once a successful connection is made, Save changes in the P6 Administration Application.
          8. Go back to the Progress Reporter Administration Application and recomplete connection to the appropriate database.  This time selection of the 'PM Database' will allow a successful connection when 'Testing Connection' from Progress Reporter.

          Note: In steps 5) and 8): It's recommended to edit the URL manually and avoid to copy/paste the JDBC URL to ensure to clear all "hidden" characters.




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            Thanks for you answer.

            Tell me please, what is "Launch the P6 Administration Application", where is it Expand the configuration being used by P6, Expand the Database folder

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              Wang Xin - Oracle

              It is  http://<server name>:<port>/p6/admin.jsp