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    "Fetching Data..." message appears when scrolling forms or grids in HFM application




      Users have been complaining about scrolling forms or grids being very slow. After some research done, I came across this document :

      HFM "Fetching Data" Messages Appear When Scrolling or Expanding Rows or Columns in a Web Data Entry Form (WDEF) or Data Grid (Doc ID 1631250.1)


      I tried updating the "Rows to Fetch" settings in the "Advanced Settings" associated to one of the forms. Actually, it works quite well since the scrolling is no longer slow.

      So I tried to implement it for all the users but however, I cannot find the path mentioned in the above document.


      "The ConfigOM.properties file can be found in, or needs to be created at: %EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE%/config/hfm/configom.properties as a plain text file on each web server."


      Actually, I don't see any "hfm" folder under the location.


      Can you please tell me where to create the "ConfigOM.properties" file?


      Thank you in advance.