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    Runcat.cmd command-line script to extract OBIEE 11g catalog to text file

    Johan (South Africa)

      Hi All


      I am struggling with a script to extract the OBIEE web catalog to a file and hope someone can help.


      The script looks like this:


      runcat.cmd/runcat.sh -cmd report -online –credentials C:\Tmp\catmancredentials.properties -outputFile C:\Tmp\Analysis_Output.txt -type "Analysis" -fields "Column" "Table"


      The error that I am getting is: "Unable to login to"


      In the C:\Tmp\catmancredentials.properties file specified in the above script I have specified the username and password:


      C:\Johan\catmancredentials.properties file contents:




      I can login with the above username and password using the URL in the Catalog Manager and run a report manually without any issues.


      Any suggestions?