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    Essbase Error 1020023


      User has an Excel Smartview workbook with Balance Sheet on one tab and income Statement on the other.  Income Statement refreshes without error but attempting to refresh the Balance sheet gives Essbase Error 1020023-Multiple Reports per retrieval is not supported. Any help in working past this error would be appreciated.

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          Jasmine Pauline-Oracle

          Have you selected the grid to make it multi-grid? You need to select the Excel range to retrieve data to make it multi-grid.


          To create a multiple-grid worksheet:

          1 In Excel, connect to an Essbase data source.

          2 From any location in the worksheet, select a range of cells (You must select a range rather than only

          one cell).

          3 From the Smart View Panel, right click an application, and then select Ad Hoc Analysis.

          4 When prompted to change the worksheet to support multiple grids, select Yes.

          5 To create a second grid on the worksheet:

          a. Select a different range of cells.

          b. From the Smart View Panel, right click an application, and then select Ad Hoc Analysis.

          6 Repeat step 5 as necessary to add grids to the worksheet.


          Refer: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17236_01/epm.1112/sv_user.pdf - Chapter: multiple grids on a worksheet

          HTH -

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            This message typically appears when you have members out of place on the report making Smart View think you are trying to retrieve multiple reports at once. To diagnose, I will typically copy a very small part of the report to another sheet and try to retrieve it. If it works, I expand what is being retrieved until it breaks and I then figure out what is messed up. It only has to be a single member typed in the wrong place t break the report.

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              Thanks.  This was in fact the issue.  It took me a bit to find his problem but once we corrected it, it worked fine.  Thank you for your help.