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    Incremental Slice: Overriding already merged slice


      Hi everyone,

      We are trying to load data incrementally in one of our ASO cube. In test we found that in some scenarios essbase itself merged the slice to the main part. Which begs a question, what happens to the new intersections which might be part of the next Override on to the slice since the slice doesn't exist anymore. And also what happens to intersections which were part of the main slice but don't exist in the override. Does the override nullify the intersections from the slice if it's not part of the Override? 


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          If the slice has been merged (whether intentionally or automatically) I would definitely not expect Essbase to keep track of which cells / values came from the previous slice.  In other words, I would expect 'override incremental data' to make no difference.


          In there is a new config setting, AUTOMERGE that allows you to disable the automatic merge behavior.  I've been wondering what it was for; your question makes me suspect that it's to allow people to depend on 'override incremental data'.

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            Hi Tim,

            This is what we were expecting as well. We were just concerned that if our new Override doesn't consist of those previous intersection from slice would the data on them disappear since it's an override with a new slice.