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    Date translation issue in the Assignment Window


      Application     :           Primavera       

      Version           :           P6.7 SP4



      The schedule is resource-loaded.

      All active resources are in place and were in the resource structure.

      All activity codes are in place and were in the code structure.



      Finish Date and/or duration of each activity
      corresponding to the resource assigned to it does not transfer over to the
      resource time line when viewed in the “Assignment tab” window. It is only
      bringing the start date but not the finish date.



      It seems to be automatically putting the resource quantity in the same month as
      the data date. As you can see in the picture grab, Activity MRFM3660 is only
      showing a 1 day duration with 4263 budgeted units. Where in the 2nd
      picture, you can see that the duration is until April 28th


      For Activity AMRFM 3550(highlighted in 1st picture) we were able to
      manually add the proper finish date, spreading the commodities properly. This
      is our current work around but I am looking for a better solution. I believe there
      should not be a problem and the commodity distribution, and the dates should be
      in alignment.


      The project window Resource "drive activity dates" is checked in this case so it is not the reason.
      We also have specific curves assigned to each of the resource so it is not that one either.


      Is there a default setting affecting date translation that needs


      If you have encountered this issue previously, kindly share with us your solution.
      If not, I hope some of you can provide some trouble-shooting tips.