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    Package steps



      Is there i any limitation in having number of steps(i.e both ok and ko steps) in a Package?

      Because we are using odi 10g for one of our applications and that package is getting struck when

      we tried to regenerate scenario?

      Any ideas?


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          I don't know the limit but it's a different topic.But you can do something about this.

          For example the limit of step in odi 10g is 7 but you want to make 12 step in a package.

          So create a package for these 7 steps and generate package.Let's say this is PACK_1_to_7.


          Then create an another  package.PACK_8_to_12


          In PACK_8_to_12, use PACK_1_to_7 as first step.Then take your other steps in this package and generate package.


          I think this will solve your problem.