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    Skip options in Member Properties


      I am having an issue with my Balance Sheet Accounts.  If an account balance went to zero in June, the Q2 balance is showing the balance at the end of May.  The accounts are all set to time balance last.  If I change an account's member properties for the skip option to "None" and refresh my smartview balance sheet the balance for Q2 correctly shows as zero.  The problem is, as soon as I use ODI to push fresh data to Essbase, the property for the skip option reverts to "Missing".  My question is, what step am I missing in order to get it to stay as "None".  (I did save the outline after making the changes).  I thought perhaps it was changing because it was inheriting the parents values so I went through and changed all levels of the hierarchy for the balance sheet accounts to NONE but that didn't fix the issue either.  ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

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          sunil k

          A data push should or can not change the metadata property unless you are doing a dimension build also as part of the load

          Are you sure you are not building the account dimension and you are not setting this property again through that process?



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            Thanks for your help.  You were right.  They built this to pull the account hierarchy from a view that sets the skip option on the Balance sheet accounts to M for missing.  Why they did this I am not sure but I think if I alter the view to make it None, it should correct my problem.  THanks for the help.  I inherited this mess and amvery unfamiliar with both ODI and Essbase so it has been a real learning opportunity. :-)