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    block creation on sparse formula

    sunil k


      Wanted to know if CREATEBLOCKONEQ is not really needed anymore in latest version of ESSBASE.

      I am running a simple sparse formula through calculation script which is like below



      USD = Currency 1 + Currency 2; [This is also a sparse dimension]



      I input some values for currency 1 and currency 2 and i see there are 2 blocks


      After calculation is executed, i can see values on USD and i can see there are 3 blocks now


      I do not have Create Block on Equation setting on at database level.


      As per the documentation, this should be needing a CREATEBLOCKONEQ ON; for USD to have result of formula.

      I looked in the log and i do not see USD being run in [TOPDOWN] mode.

      This is on

      on, i can see it works only when CREAETBLOCKONEQ is turned on.


      Is there anything else that could be at play here?

      Would appreciate some expert opinions on this




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          sunil k

          Just adding to the post


          Is it really this NOTE in database admin guide


          "If Create Blocks on Equations is disabled for a database and data blocks exist for members on either the left- or right-side of the equation, the formula produces results."


          If i read it correctly, it would mean than you do not really need Create Blocks on Equations for sparse calculations.


          This note is not present in