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    Adf: Cross App navigation or load contents from a different application

    Naveen Darisi

      Hi Gurus,

           Requirement: We are planning to create multiple applications in adf. There will be a dashboard application  that contains the menu options. Say there are sales and marketing menu options. Sales application and Marketing app are deployed separately into the servers using their ears.



           So we have 3 applications(dashboard, sales, marketing) totally. The requirement is that if the user clicks on sales menu item, then we need to see the data of sales app and similarly if he/she clicks on the marketing menu item, the data from the marketing app should be shown. The key requirement is that if the user has made some changes in the sales application, he/she should be able to navigate to marketing app(other app) without loosing data. He should be able to switch between menu items without loosing un-saved data.



          It would be great if some one share their ideas on how this can be achieved in adf?



          To switch between apps, I thought of using Ui Shell template where it creates tabs upon clicking the menu items. This way user can switch easily between tabs and also can create as many tabs as possible. But I'm not sure how to load the data in each tab from different app.


          Please guide me.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Naveen Darisi