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    FDM Event Scripts not triggering in Multi-load

    Tej Chauhan

      With our FDM implementation we have written a script within the events section (for AfterExportToDat). I don't think what the script does is relevant for the problem in question but for info here's a brief explanation:


      In a nutshell, the script is triggered after the export stage in FDM and its main function is to read the data from the generated .dat file, then read from a table in a separate CSV file in our FDM application folder, and substitute the custom2 values in the load file with the ones in the second csv for specific accounts. The script then generates a new dat file and saves this as the main FDM export file, with the new Custom2 overrides applied. Hopefully I’ve explained this well.



      This all works perfectly when loading for a single period using the workflow approach in FDM web client. The newly generated dat file gets loaded in to FDM after the export stage.

      However, when loading data using the multi-load function, it’s as if the AfterExportToDat script gets completely bypassed.

      It is my understanding that multi-load isn’t really any different in terms of the import, validate, export stages and there shouldn’t be a reason why the event script does not trigger.



      Can someone confirm if this should be happening?

      Thanks in advance.