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    MDW packaging wizard not responding...


      Hi guys,


      Hope somebody can help me with this one.  I'm trying to run Mobile Database Workbench on Oracle Enterprise Linux Server 5.4 (Carthage) 64bit.

      Having encountered errors in the past with the version of Java I'm running on and with the availability of OppenSSL libraries and with not knowing that I had to run oramdw,sh in 32bit emulation, I find myself at the next bump in the road:


      I'm working through the packaging wizard and all seems to be working until I get to the 'Application Definition Completed' dialog.  Here I select the 'Publish the current application' option and click 'OK' and the 'publish the application' dialog comes up, I fill in the details of the mobile server, click 'OK' and...nothing!  I find myself back in the Packaging wizard clicking 'OK' here has absolutely no effect.


      There are no errors on the SSH session that launch the MDW.


      There are no errors in the MDW log.


      When I sign into the web interface mu application is nowhere to be seen.


      Can anyone offer me any advice on where to look next?  Or what to do?  In the absence of any error messages, I'm not sure what my next move should be.  Any help would be most appreciated.